Terms & conditions

Booking of the trip can be made online, by mail or by phone.
When ordering, please give name of all passengers, or a maximum number per trip, as well as those carried heavy luggage, wheelchairs and the like.


Payment is always in advance and through the possible payment at www.excursion.dk. However, it is understood that the payment is made in cash or made by credit card on the day of departure.
Your payments are safe with Excursion.dk. We use ePay payment system, which is regulated by PBS and currently undergoing IT audit of a security company.

We use SSL encryption of data sent over the network, and thus are VISA Payment / credit card payment with us as safe as in any other physical business.
When booking travel online, you will be sent a copy of your order by email. Offers are considered to offer until you have received a written order confirmation and payment was made.


If you cancel earlier than 8 days prior to departure, reimburse the price of the trip. If you cancel within 8 days prior to departure date, the agency the right to charge the full cost of the trip.
Cancellation, price and program change
Office reserves the right to at least 2 days prior to departure to cancel a trip due to lack of support. Minimum number of participants will be 25 people. The amount paid will be refunded and here besides it is not for the client any compensation. We reserve the right price, program, bus, transport and hotel changes, if urgent or necessary relationship after agency would make this necessary journey settlement.

The customer has the right to cancel if there are 14 days before departure occurs acts of war, natural disasters, deadly diseases on or in the immediate vicinity of the destination, taking no fee. The agency is not liable for expenses, you possibly incurs in connection with a delay not been advised or predictable.
Travel by bus
We use modern coaches. During the journey, the driver is the supreme authority and can, if necessary, deny boarding to passengers who are considered to be a nuisance to the trip settlement in order, without any compensation, compensation or restitution.

Force majeure

The organizer is completely exempt from liability for damage sustained by the travelers because of disasters, strikes or other events of force majeure or due to the traveler’s own negligence. Should events of force majeure nature, the organizer must immediately inform the traveler about it and implement measures that limit travelers’ potential losses as a result.

The luggage

Office accepts no responsibility for damage or loss of luggage or other property, even though they may be in our care. The traveler is responsible for designing valid baggage insurance if your own home insurance does not cover. Bottles that can break during transportation, shall under no circumstances be stored in suitcases, to appear in the bus luggage compartment. The luggage should also be easily accessible by any customs control. Passengers are themselves responsible for their own luggage comes with the right buses to and from the destination.
The passenger compartment of the bus is limited. You can bring one plain. Suitcase of no more than 15 kg. + hand baggage per person. By arrangement extra baggage, each baby carriages, strollers and wheelchairs allowed, but must be specified when ordering, since it affects the number of passengers in the bus. The luggage stays in the bus locked trunk and will not be available until arrival at destination.

Traveler’s responsibility

All travelers are required to comply with instructions from the transport company’s personnel in connection with completion of the trip. A traveler is responsible for any damage caused by violation of announced orders or regulations. Trip Participants who do not show up in time, forfeit their right to any compensation.
Travel Participants are required to act so that travelers are not bothered and just leave waste in the garbage and refuse bins. Please do not bring ice and food on the bus.

Remember the journey of necessary passports, visas, vaccinations, etc.
Does a person traveling with the significantly these commitments, the Promoter reserves the right to exclude that person from continued participation in the journey respective prevents the traveler embarking on their journey. The organizer will then be entitled to charge the full cost of the trip. Is the journey started, the traveler must make the return journey at their own expense without liability to the organizer.

In case of illness occurred during the voyage, it is for the traveler even to pay all costs, for example. medical, hospital stay, and in particular repatriation etc. Trip Participants who are aware that their health is not good, is obliged before plotting a trip to consult a doctor. Participation in the journey at your own risk.

Lost property

All communication regarding lost property should be directed to the bus company. The agency is not responsible for loss or damage to participants’ belongings. To cover the inquiry on hotels, etc. and possible. Shipping is paid to the agency costs therefore – at least DKK 100, -.